The Way of the
Wall Street Warrior

Conquer the Corporate Game
Using Tips, Tricks, and Smartcuts

A humorous and irreverent guide to conquering the corporate game from a Wall Street veteran who went from the proverbial janitor suite to Managing Director at one of the top investment banks in the world. Using tips, tricks, and smartcuts from Dave, learn how to build your career for success.

The book sold almost 10,000 copies in the first two weeks of launch and reached the Top 10 Amazon Best Seller list in the business finance category. It ranked as Amazon's Top #1 Hot New Release in two categories: business finance and economics.

It was awarded one of the Best Books of 2021 by Bloomberg and the Porchlight Book Company Business Best Seller in November 2021. It received a Gold Award from the Nonfiction Authors Association & Writers Conference, a Firebird Book Award in the Career category, and a Finalist Award under the Careers category from the Best Book Awards.

Publication Date: November 9th, 2021

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NFA Award

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About The Way of the Wall Street Warrior

The Way of the Wall Street Warrior is a humorous and irreverent guide to building your career. Through tips, tricks, and smartcuts, Dave explains how anyone can conquer the corporate game.

Whether you’re just getting started in your non-existent career or contemplating a switch from your current job, the smartest thing you can do is buy this book.

As the title suggests, The Way of the Wall Street Warrior will show you how to use smartcuts, stratagems, and science to get hired, get ahead, survive, and excel, on Wall Street, Main Street, or on any other street where you’re mining for gold. It comes from Dave’s experience as a 25-year investment banking veteran who did the unthinkable. He, an Asian American born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, rose up in the white, male-dominated world of high finance, becoming a Managing Director before age 33.

He then left his high-profile, high paying job in his early 40s, on his own terms, while on top. Walking away from a lucrative job at a prestige firm was like resigning from the Mafia, but he did it anyway to save his life, his family, and his sanity.

While his lessons were learned on Wall Street, they’re applicable to anyone, anywhere working in any competitive corporate environment. If you can make it in the Machiavellian world of banking, you can make it anywhere. Wall Street is a jungle; the toughest jungle there is. Dave had a highly successful career because he learned how to game the system, and this book will teach you some of his tricks and avoid making the same mistakes as your peers.

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Dave Liu is a seasoned executive, advisor, entrepreneur, and investor. He worked on Wall Street for almost 25 years where he progressed from Analyst to Managing Director, co-running an industry sector group.

"Dave learned how to win in investment banking the hard way. Now he is able to share tools that make it easier for budding bankers and other professionals to succeed. He does it in a very imaginative, colorful and humorous way."

Frank Baxter
Former CEO of Jefferies and U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay

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Charitable Pledge

All of the author's net proceeds from The Way of the Wall Street Warrior are pledged to charities that help children born with clefts, Asian Americans, and other underrepresented groups. Below are testimonials from some of the recipients organizations:

Book Testimonials

If you want to skip ahead and condense 10 years of figuring out how to succeed in Corporate America into one year, read this book. Adopt the wisdom and insider secrets in this book and you'll blow past your peers…Learn from those who have succeeded and you’ll become your own unicorn.”

Edward Fu President of Happy Masks and former Jefferies banker

Dave's book is a great read for anyone looking to get a leg up on their career. He gives practical advice you can only learn from the school of hard knocks in a funny and anecdotal way. Whether you're starting your career, rising up the ladder, or trying to reach the top, Dave will give you invaluable pointers that I'm sure will put you over the top."

Joanne Chen General Partner of Foundation Capital and former Jefferies banker

As someone who has worked on Wall Street for my entire career, I can definitively say that The Way of the Wall Street Warrior has some of the best tips for getting ahead. The humor and stories make for a fantastic read and I strongly encourage anyone at the start or mid-career to read this book and refer to it frequently as they try to climb the corporate ladder. You won't regret it!"

Tina Longfield Managing Director, Truist Securities, formerly SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

It took me ten years working for Dave to extract a fraction of the knowledge so artfully (and humorously) condensed in The Way of the Wall Street Warrior. I wish I’d had this long prior to ever signing up for Finance 101, but lucky, astute readers can glean decades of insight within. Far from an edgier, funnier Super Saturday prep read, The Way of the Wall Street Warrior should be read, re-read, and frequently consulted as a living career bible – whether you’re 19 or 49 – for anyone interested in making it big in any career."

Paul Clausing Managing Director at Fluential Partners and former Jefferies banker

An must-read for anyone starting their career in Corporate America. Written with wit and humor, Dave’s book shares valuable insights and lessons that would take a lifetime to learn otherwise. I highly recommend anyone interested in advancing their career read this book.”

Harry Nelis Partner of Accel and former Goldman Sachs banker

One of the funniest insider books I’ve read about Wall Street since Liar’s Poker!  Dave’s brilliant and transparent guide to survive and thrive is a must-read for anyone trying to break into finance or any high powered industry."

Chris McGowan Former Managing Director at Madison Dearborn, former banker at Morgan Stanley, and now Adjunct Professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business

Do you want to know how to succeed on Wall Street (or Main Street) and pee your pants from laughter?  Then The Way of the Wall Street Warrior is a MUST read.  It’s loaded with practical tips, strategies, philosophies, insider secrets and plenty of off-color humor to entertain you.  Dave Liu is the classic Malcolm Gladwell “Outlier” - the true David who beat Goliath.  He shares critical lessons to help you win on Wall Street (or any cut throat profession) when the deck is stacked against you and then prepares you for living the good life."

Brian Flynn Co-Founder of FounderPartners and former Morgan Stanley banker turned serial tech entrepreneur and investor

Few leaders blend deft business acumen, cultural savvy, inclusion, and heart as Dave Liu does. It's why he's uniquely positioned to pen The Way of the Wall Street Warrior, a rare multi-hyphenate guide to advancing one's career in both established and novel environments. Dave gives you direct, practical advice to achieve your goals with levity - particularly if you're a traditionally mis or underrepresented leader."

Bing Chen President and Co-Founder of Gold House

The Way of the Wall Street Warrior proves to be essential, not just for those seeking to conquer corporate America-- but for anyone who's ever dared to believe in themselves and their dreams. Invaluable and inspiring."

Vivek Tiwary #1 New York Times bestselling author, The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story

The Way of the Wall Street Warrior is a great and fun read for anyone interested in getting insight into how intensely competitive fields like investment banking and management consulting really work. Dave takes you through the entire lifecycle of getting a job, to climbing the corporate ladder, to figuring out what comes after. The book is filled with unorthodox ways of thinking, actionable tactics, and other examples from really successful people. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an advantage in achieving their career goals."

Gad Allon Professor at the Wharton School, and Director of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania

This book's irreverent humor will keep you laughing throughout, but the lessons inside should be taken very seriously. I've spent half my career in finance, the other half in tech, and Dave's practical, no-BS advice on what it actually takes to succeed and rise through the ranks is broadly applicable to any high-powered, competitive industry.”

Eric Hu Director of Corporate Development at Twilio and former Jefferies banker

The Way of the Wall Street Warrior is a must read for anybody that wants to know what is required to advance their career…from landing that dream job to making sure you get promoted and paid justly. Dave does it in a very memorable and humorous way that will have you chuckling from cover to cover.”

Bret Pearlman Co-Founder of Elevation Partners and former Senior Managing Director at Blackstone

Both culturally and socio-economically, Dave's background provides a unique and compelling narrative for this book. His personality and humor help in taking a complex subject and turns it into an entertaining read!”

Spencer Wang Former Chief Investment Officer of Seasons Capital and former Credit Suisse banker

Authentic, Unfiltered, Funny! Dave has lived for decades and been wildly successful in the world of Wall Street. This is the unvarnished inside scoop about how to make your way in an unfamiliar world. What I wish I knew 20 years ago!”

Rick Heitzmann Founder and Partner of FirstMark Capital and former Houlihan Lokey banker

Dave provides an entertaining take on a serious topic, what really happens when you finally ‘make it’ and get that first job on Wall Street. He opens your eyes to the way the finance world actually works, with a funny but realistic portrayal, not what you get in Hollywood movies or even in the fanciful presentations on college campuses. For all of you whose family didn’t come to America on the Mayflower, and go on to found a global investment bank, you owe it to yourself to read this book."

Juan Alva Managing Director of Pelham S2K and former Goldman Sachs banker

Bonus Content

If you actually read my book cover to cover (or at least read the first and last chapter) you may recall that in the Introduction: Game On and the Conclusion, I mentioned that if you registered on my website you'd get a handy cheat sheet of all the tips, tricks, and science covered in my book.

The good news is you've come to the right place. In the following link you can get my Career Codex. (The even better news is you don't have to register on my website unless you really want to! Here's the link if you are so inclined: Contact).

Now you'll never have to read my book again and simply pin my Career Codex to your wall. I'm sure it will bring back fond memories from when you read my book for the first time. Enjoy!

In Chapter 3: Be the Holy Trinity of Deals, I discuss some of the ways to differentiate yourself from all the other candidates. I encourage you to be creative. Maybe there’s something in your limited resume that can be reinforced in your cover letter. Underscore how you worked hard to get good grades in STEM while at the same time writing about Ponzi schemes for Wharton Magazine. Highlight something creative, even if it’s a bit off-the-wall, like creating a PowerPoint presentation where you are the opportunity of a lifetime.

To get your juices flowing, I prepared a sample pitch that highlights a mock candidate, “Mister Perfect,” in the form of a hot IPO. Any resemblance to me is purely coincidental. Feel free to check it out and steal it if you wish.

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